• Why stay in a Johannesburg Backpackers verses Budget Hotels, Guest Houses and B&B’s
    • Johannesburg Backpackers and Youth Hostels offer accommodation, that is equal to or better than your average 3 Star Budget Hotel, Guesthouse or Bed and Breakfast.
    • The misconception is that Travellers think that a Backpackers Hostel is set up for young people or student only. That these people travel around and stay together only in Dormitory style rooms while sharing all amenities.
    • This is not true, as like other accommodation entities, each place is different and has different types of accommodation.

    What Johannesburg Backpackers Hostel offers to Tourists and Travelers.

    • Our Johannesburg Backpackers offers Standard Single, Twin, Double room and rooms En-Suite options.  
    • These are designed and set up to the different themes as does Budget Hotels, Guest Houses, B&B’s and self-catering Units in Johannesburg.
    • Through offering the Backpacker clear information of your expectations you will experience accommodation will full fill all your needs.
    • In my experience you will stay in a healthy clean inviting environment that is warm and friendly with a bit more personal touch added.
    • Its very important to think about what you want from your accommodation, be specific of what it is that you want and if this is what is on offer.
    • Ask things like if the Backpackers Hostel promotes having International Tourists, they have a different vibe and feel,
    • Make sure you request what you want from your room and your accommodation and Travel needs.

    For great comparative accommodation at a Budget price a Backpacker Hostel in Johannesburg is the way to go?

    • The South African Government established in 2010 over Fifa did a assessment on Backpackers Hostels in Johannesburg and the rest of South Africa.
    • The average spend that a person spent in a Backpacker was equal to a Tourist that came and stayed in upmarket Hotels, Guest Houses, Bed and Breakfasts.
    • These people stayed longer and invested more in the Country itself and would be more integrated with the South African culture. 
    • These Travellers spent less on their accommodation and spent more on their adventure and being integrated with Johannesburg. 
    • this does not mean that the accommodation on offer was less, it means they were descerning on getting what they wanted.
    • They would participate in things like Voluntourism, helping people or animals or NGO’s that are situated in and around Johannesburg.
    • Its people who choose to Budget on their spend on accommodation and spend more money in the Johannesburg and its economy.

    What type of people stay in a Backpackers.

    • We have many international customers that come to us from all over the world.
    • You will meet many interesting people, like the many elder people who have decided to travel around the world who are always willing to share their wonderful tales of their life adventures.
    • The voluntary tourist, who comes to support NGO’s and the people, animals and celebrate in our unique culture.
    • The net-worker who wants to network and be connected with other people.
    • This is why people in backpackers hostels are so friendly, interested and supportive of each other.

    Getting first-hand knowledge on what’s happening in Johannesburg.

    • These travellers share in each other’s adventures of what they enjoyed in their experiences in Johannesburg,
    • With this first-hand knowledge about all the amazing tours, adventures that are on offer, you will get a clearer picture on where to go in Johannesburg.
    • You will also learn how to travel though South Africa, getting information on getting things such as Visa’s into Africa.
    • So you can go to places or do things that fit for you or your Budget.


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Best Accommodation Places to Stay in Johannesburg!

For all your Accommodation needs in Johannesburg, you need to look no further. We have Guest Houses, Self Catering Units, Lodges, Backpackers, Hostels and BnB for Groups. Accommodating Groups, Family units, and your daily traveler, Our room option are;  En-suite, Standard with shared Bathrooms, Private rooms and Dormitories. [+expand]

See our Wide Variety and Types of Accommodation we have to offer below.

Da-Arden Guest House

Da-Arden is a stylish upmarket guest house  with an appeal of a homely photographic gallery

77 On 8th Self Catering

77 on 8th offers self catering accommodation, & a Bed & Breakfast where we specialize in accommodating Groups

Rosebank Lodge & Backpacker

Rosebank is the place for all people coming to Johannesburg if you want to experience a true feeling of life of South Africa.

Rosebank Boarding Hostel

Cheaper rooms and Beds, offering short, middle and long term accommodation.

Accoustix Backpacker Lodge

ACCOUSTIX is a highly recomended International Lodge, with it’s fresh energy and great atmosphere

Johannesburg Youth Hostel

Specializes in Group and Student accommodation, offering Self catering, exclusive use and Mix and match Units?

Sleek Student Hostel

Sleek Travel Lodge & Backpacker and Accoustix Lodge & Backpacker have been in existence for 11 yrs

Johannesburg Boarding Hostel

Our place offers Hostel type Lodging with an option for middle to long term stay in Johannesburg

Randburg Boarding Hostel

Situated around Colleges and the Randburg CBD, that suites both students  Workers and Travelers.

Fourways Boarding Hostel

Backpacker Hostel offering cheap Accommodation  that is across the road from Monte Casino

Fourways Youth Hostel

For all your Group accommodation and self catering needs in 4 ways Johannesburg

Fourways Backpacker Lodge

A Guest house that is Perfectly situated across from Fourways Mall and there Mega shopping complex and Monte Casino

Fourways Guest House

Fourways Guesthouse is stylish, private and secure, it offers self catering accommodation and specialize in accommodating Groups