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Turn Right out the gate
Rosebank Mall 950m-Large Upmarket, Shopping Complex, The Zone-Movie Houses- Entertainment, Restaurants Bars and Clubs, Famous Sunday Craft Market,
Go Straight 2km Zoo Lake Famous African Culture Restaurant Moyo’s,
Turn Right into 7th Avenue Restuarant Bars etc all the way to Parkhurst/Greenside 2.5km away for Alternative Shopping Restaurant Famous Jolly Roger Bar on the Corner(Upper Market Student hang Out)
Greenway Street 2.5km Shebeen(African Culture Bar, live music in the day on Sundays)Restaurants and Clubs, Pankhurst
Turn left out the gate
Hyde Park Shopping Centre1.2km on right Very Upmarket shopping Complex/Movies Restaurants Shops etc…
Down the Road 2.5Km is Park Hurst, on the way there you will pass many Restaurants, Shopping centers, Creative alternative shops, churches, sports centers.
They say the only constant is change, and the hustle bustle of Parkhurst’s 4th Avenue is no exception. Parkhurst was developed as a suburb in 1904 , but it wasn’t until 1938 that a couple of shops sprung up. In the 70’s Parkhurst got its first antique store and other followed suit until it was dubbed Antique alley. The first coffee shop opened in the mid 90’s and from there we saw yet another transformation. It was one of the first suburban high streets to offer street side Café dinning. As Parkhurst restaurant culture grew some of the antique shops closed down.
Today Parkhurst offers a glamorous mix of Couture, interior design and dinning. Whether it’s the antique shops, multitude of different high street stores or the plethora of eateries in between, the only thing that stays the same is the dynamism of Parkhurst’s main drag. 4th Avenue has an ambience like no other and with South Africa’s ever-popular mall culture, this high street offers customers from near and far a safe and refreshing break.
Whatever your taste or requirement, Parkhurst’s 4th Avenue has something for you!

Don’t expect a glitzy mall when you come to Parkhurst, one of Johannesburg’s top shopping and dining destinations. It’s a small, cosy suburb, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in the quality of its restaurants, shops and vibrant village atmosphere.

Did you know?

In 1903, Parkhurst was still the most northerly section of a Braamfontein farm.

Most major cities seem to have one particular area that the locals favour – in Johannesburg that’s Parkhurst.

Parkhurst lies just north of Rosebank and is always a-buzz with people sipping coffee at pavement cafés, browsing through antique shops or checking out the latest in design and fashion.

Registered in 1904, Parkhurst was Johannesburg’s 67th suburb. Although small, it’s densely populated with over 2 200 plots averaging about 500m2.

Don’t look for the stately mansions of the old Randlords – those exist closer to the heart of the city – but expect quaint cottages and small houses that have been lovingly restored by their present owners. Colourful walls, tiny cheerful gardens and narrow streets are the order of the day.

The focus of what’s happening is on 4th Avenue. It’s a long street lined with all manner of restaurants – some of the best in Johannesburg – as well as interior design boutiques, funky gift and clothing shops, and a concentration of hair salons and beauty parlours that could almost satisfy Paris Hilton. There’s even a store to feed and pamper the pets.

But Parkhurst isn’t a ‘posh’ place like Sandton. Its size makes for informality and friendliness. You often have to weave your way past the patrons on the pavements as they sit at small tables chatting, eating, drinking and enjoying the Highveld sunshine.

You’ll get a good idea of an urban village community in Parkhurst. You’ll see children playing in the park and residents walking their dogs. Up to 100 dogs are walked to the park most evenings where their owners sit and catch up with local news and gossip.

If you’re looking for a vibrant European sidewalk café culture with some of Johannesburg’s best restaurants then head for Parkhurst.

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