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Bungee Jumping in Johannesburg

Orlando Towers is a Soweto landmark and it offers definitely the first and so far only bungee jump between cooling towers. As well as the obvious adrenaline rush, there is the whole history of the disused power station and the view over Soweto, the iconic satellite city just outside Johannesburg.

Orlando Towers offers you the first ever bungee and swing between 2 cooling towers, a whopping 100 m from the ground.

A guide will meet you at the harnessing area, where you will be strapped into your climbing harness. You will then step into the exhillirating open-air lift that will elevate you up the outside of the concave west tower to a landing 3 m from the top. At this point, you proceed on foot up the floating stairway – suspended in mid-air!

At the top of the stairway, you will reach the rim of the tower, where you can pause to view the breath-taking panorama over greater Soweto, before proceeding onto the jump deck. At the jump master’s command, you will jump into the fresh air between the 2 cooling towers, 100 m above the ground (33 stories high), overlooking the Orlando Dam.

These two cooling towers are the largest and most colourful landmark in historical Soweto, now one of South Africa’s biggest tourist attractions. The towers were originally built for the Orlando Power Station, the most advanced facility in the southern hemisphere in its day. Although the facility is no longer in operation, you can still feel the power. Join us for the most exhibilarating view of Soweto ever.

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